6. BETApro 1.0: Prediction of beta-residue pairs, beta-strand pairs, strand alignment, pairing direction, and beta-sheet topology. Download BETApro1.0 here (Linux version) | Access BETApro Web Server| Download Dataset Reference: J. Cheng & P. Baldi. Three-Stage Prediction of Protein Beta-Sheets by Neural Networks, Alignments, and Graph Algorithms.

II. Basic Elements of Protein Structure B. β Structure The other major structural element found in globular proteins is the β sheet. Historically, it was first observed as the β, or extended, form of keratin fibers. May 11, 2012 · It depends on the primary sequence of amino acids as to which secondary structure is more stable. Both structures use hydrogen bonds to stabilize the structures, however in an alpha helix, these ... EzMol is a wizard for protein display and image production, allowing to upload a coordinate file, specify chain style, color background and structures, color or hide cartoons or stick side chains, color surface patches and label residues, as well as render and download the produced image.