I love it served still warm with a dollop of whipped cream – or better yet creme fraiche – and a spoonful of homemade stewed rhubarb. And let me tell what a magical duet this slightly tart rhubarb and an intensely rich and sweet chocolate fudge cake is! It’s impossible to imagine a better pair than those two! They truly complete each other.

Works with stevia too. The trick is being confident about what you are cooking, and testing what you can leave out / reduce / substitute to make recipes healthier. I checked the recipe for how long to cook it for - but I had 800g of rhubarb, and used two tablespoons of sugar - probably about 25g, about 20% of the recommended amount. How to Cook Delicious Stewed Rhubarb Create delicious stewed rhubarb, serve as a dessert with custard, yoghurt or ice cream, also works well as a topping for breakfast cereals, porridge, etc