BNC-2100 Series Connector Blocks (see Figure 3) The BNC-2100 Series are shielded connector blocks with signal-labeled BNC connectors for easy connectivity of your analog input, analog output, digital I/O and counter/timer signals to your multifunction DAQ device, including analog input devices. The BNC-2110 and BNC-2120 work with all E Series ... A digital-to-analog converter (DAC) PCI card from National Instruments (PCI-6711) is connected to a multi- port breakout box ( BNC -2110 ) that delivers the analog signals to the amplifiers driving the piezo actuators.

There is a method of perimeter security using 'leaky' coax cable - either specially designed (like the attached Trad datasheet) - or even standard coax (RG-58 and such). If you look at the Wong paper, this is a college student who did a basic system a few years back, it is the best amateur attempt - actually the ONLY attempt I have been able to ... DATASHEET: Codan 2110V Manpack, 12-20315-EN, ... Codan’s 2110 series Transceivers are designed for harsh field conditions and comply with ... 50 ohm BNC connector for Use the BNC-2110 BNC connectors on the front panel to connect AI <0..7> signals to E/M/S Series DAQ devices. The BNC-2110 is only intended for differential analog input signals. The number of connectors you use depends on your DAQ device and application. Complete the following steps to